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DX Venture Invested US 1 million USD and joined the racing track of Swift Race

Probably most of the first heard of Metaverse is Mark Zuckerberg announcing the rebranding of Facebook before it is widely known by the public. And now, the metaverse has gone real and poised to be the new evolution of the century. Much of the current excitement has been about immersive 3D gaming, social networking, shopping and virtual meetings using technologies such as virtual and augmented reality.

But what makes the metaverse interesting for the blockchain sector? The Play-to-earn NFT games, Game-fI are where players can monetize their time in earning something where it might bring value in both virtual and reality while playing video games. This model is the current hot topic to the NFT market in the metaverse. It strikes a big deal in the future people are swiping their playing time being turned into money-making.

DX Venture, a leading Malta based venture capital firm has invested in Swift Race, a metaverse concept blockchain game combining the elements of DeFi, NFTs, and crypto economy in a gaming environment, creating a Play-to-earn opportunity for users

As the biggest 3D racing game developed in Binance Smart Chain, Swift Race’ users can mine, experience racing tours, competition, trade in collectibles in the marketplace for car and avatar NFTs in the game.

Rather than simply acquiring an NFT as a collectible, in bridging DeFi and NFTs to the game and establish a consistent level of demand and utilization for every specific NFT in order to guarantee value for adoption in the gaming industry. Plus, they are done in 3D mocks and upgradable throughout the game, which has its own uniqueness and rarity among the Gamefi industry.

Besides that, Swift Race built up with different Racer Characters and Cars as NFT. Each NFT has a different specialty using which they can provide different levels and upgradable spec to get high chances and win the game. It uses NFT collectibles as characters minted as the user proceeds in the gameplay, offering users to play and earn.

DX Venture is a leading Malta based venture capital firm that invests in European and North American innovators in Video games, Esports, Streaming and Digital Sports. For 2022, DX Venture has a strategy It invests in Metaverse technology founders and Game creators who are building the future.

As it focuses on the creation of an entire ecosystem around GameFi and Metaverse, but not just developing a single game, the contribution of DX Venture investment will accelerate the development of the game.

Under the investment of DX Venture in Swift Race, the Gamefi market sees a strong cooperative relationship and ecosystem being forged, bringing further mainstream adoption of NFTs, Gamefi to new experiences in a brand new metaverse.


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